Featured Femme: Robyn Paigé, Blossoming Humanitarian

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am 26 years old; my life is an open book! I enjoy people and music; I also play the violin (self-taught)! I have the most amazing Yorkie, named Fancy. Above all, I really like helping and inspiring people. Helping people comes naturally to me; I like to understand people’s stories. My alma mater is Loyola University (New Orleans, Louisiana), class of 2013; I majored in mass communication with a focus in broadcast journalism, minor in music business. Moving to Los Angeles was a huge faith move for me; I moved with $750 to my name! What I did not want out of life was regret, I did not want to get caught up in a 9-5 job, then look back and think what if I had stepped out on faith and did what God had shown me.

What attracted you to a career in the acting sector of entertainment?

According to my mom, I have always been dramatic! Ever since I was a little girl, I have always been able to mimic accents and gestures. I never thought about being an actress, but my speech professor brought it out of me. In that class, I learned how to perform scenes, everything felt so natural; I knew that was my path!

What motivates you?

God, my family, and the people I want to help motivate me! My relationship with God is what motivates me. There was a time when no one supported me, even the people who I thought would did not. He was all I had; He constantly showed me what He called me to do!

What has been your most satisfying achievement and how did you achieve this?

Procrastination was a habit of mine in the past. For the longest time I wanted to take a commercial class. Once I made improvements to time management, I enrolled in a commercial class; within a week of completing the class, I got an agent! With the help of my agent I have been to several commercial auditions! That was a huge achievement for me, because for the longest time I would just say what I wanted without putting the work in. Doing the work and getting the results I wanted is a huge win for me!

Who is your role model from within the entertainment industry, and why?

Taraji P. Henson is my role model, because she moved to LA as a single parent, at an age older than what I am today. She continued to pursue her dreams, she did not stop for anyone! In my opinion, she is one of the greatest African American actresses today! She is versatile, playing many different roles from comedic to serious. It is one thing to be able to act, but it is another thing to build your acting career from the ground up!

What type of acting role interests you the most, and why?

I am naturally goofy, so I think I would be most natural in a comedy. I always wanted to play two types of roles. One role I would love to play is the girl next door, kind of like the girls on the movie Clueless. I would also love to play an artist who is in the music industry in a bio-pic.

What advice would you give to your 21-year-old self?

Put God 1st in everything you do, don’t worry about what your parents and friends say. Get a relationship with God because that will lead you to where you need to be. Do not look for validation from other people, when you are pursuing your goals because not everyone is going to get it. Do not worry about romantic relationships. Your time is valuable, if you meet a great person awesome, but do not waste time looking for love. Learn yourself as a person and know who you are by yourself!

What can we expect from the Robyn Paigé brand in the future?

Helping people is a huge passion of mine! My aspiration is to help young girls and the homeless population through my future non-profit organizations! I am excited about fulfilling the plans God has for me! I cannot wait for the day when I am traveling to speak to people all over the world. The dreams that are placed inside of you are often times God giving you direction in the way you should go, for He has birthed each of us with a gift and certain desires for a reason.

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